Ulrike Israel

curriculum vitae

1957 born in Radolfzell , Germany
1976 trade test in wood sculpture
1977 stay abroad in Canada
1982 State Examination in Fine Art and English Language
1982-86 study of sculpture and graphics at the State Academy of Fine Art , Karlsruhe
Professor Hiromi Akiyama
solo exhibition
1985 Gallery 37 in Karlsruhe
1996 Gallery von Tempelhoff in Karlsruhe
1997 Sculpture and Graphics , Käthe-Kollwitz-Saal,  Durlach
1998 Tourist Office in Kaltern am See ( Italy )
1999 Sculptures and Graphics ,KVHS-Gallery, Altes Rathaus Schifferstadt
1999 Sculptures and Graphics, Kunstverein Rastatt, Pagodenburg
1999 Sculptures and Graphics, Kunstverein March, Bürgerhaus March
2000 Sculptures and Graphics,Zehnthaus Jockgrim
2000 Gallery von Tempelhoff in Karlsruhe
2001 Museum of Toni-Merz, Sasbach
2003 Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Centre for Research)
2003 Distances, General Consulate of Germany New York, UN Plaza, USA
2006 Museum of Eppingen, Parallel design of traffic circle in Eppingen
2006 Sculptures, City Gallery Rastatt
2007 Sculptures and Graphics ,Gallery im Hof, Zug, Switzerland
2009 Zweiseitig, Galerie im Kornhaus, Schwäbisch Gmünd
2012 contemporary formart, Brüssel,  Skulpturen und Graphiken
2013 Galerie Birkhofer, Gottenheim/ Germany, Skulptures- Materiels
2000 Symposium  “Lothar”, Baden-Baden
2000 Symposium of Sculptors in Ins, Switzerland
2001 International Symposium Rimsting, Chiemsee
2001 1.International Symposium Baden-Baden
2013 Aiguines,Frankreich, Collaboration 5o Artisans d`Art
public purchases / competitions
Regional Council of Karlsruhe , City Gallery of  Karlsruhe, City of Schifferstadt,
Kreisverwaltung Ludwigshafen, Southw.Minnesota State University Art Museum
2004 Art and Building Construction, Kimmelmannschule (School)
2012 Contest Municipal Work Service Passau,  flood conservation area
group exhibition
1996 participation “16. Price of Art of the Thrift Institution Esslingen” , graphics of sculptors
1996 Gallery von Tempelhoff, “High Art on the 5.th Floor”
1997 Ministery of Economy in Hannover, “from piece of wood to piece of art”
1997 Ligna Hannover, extra presentation “Wood in the Hands of Artists”
1997 participation at the art-prize of Haueisen Kunstpreis , Zehnthaus Jockgrim
1997 43.Yearly Exposition of the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg  (art alliance)
1997 art fair of the Frauenmuseum in Bonn, (Museum for Women)
1998 International Art-Encounter II, Galeria Zero, Barcelona , Spanien
1998 participation at the art fair St`Art 98 in Strasbourg,   France
1998 International Artshow, Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spanien
1998 groupe  exposition  Gallery Liebau, Burghaun
1999 Ligna Hannover, extra presentation “Wood in the Hands of Artists”
1999 Graphics, Art Gallery One , Zürich, Switzerland
1999 Wood-Cut Print South-West, City Gallery of Reutlingen
2000 Art Fair Cologne 2000, Gallery von Tempelhoff
2000 Sculptures in Wood,  Posthamerhaus , Ingolstadt
2000 Jubelee Exposition ,Kunstverein March
2001 Art Fair Cologne 2001, Gallery von Tempelhoff
2001 Kunstverein Bergisches Land, Fest der Farben-
2001 Kunstpreis “Premio d’Arte” , Commune di Lissone,  Italy
2002 Premio Fratelli Agazzi , Mapello , Italien
2002 art price Bad Vöslau, Austria
2002 exposition of the members of the Kunstverein Jockgrim
2003 City Gallery Wollhaus, Güstrow
2004 Ateliers Ouverts, Neuwiller-Les-Saverne, Karlsruhe
2005 Art Karlsruhe, Galerie am Marktplatz, Büren/Switzerland
2005 Cridart “Autour du Corps”, Amneville-les-Thermes / France
2005 exposition of sculptors Kunstverein Nördlingen
2006 European Architecture, ” A Temple “, Hamburg, “Stadtmodell”
2006 sculptures and graphics, Gallery Lauth, Ludwigshafen/Rhein
2007 Southwest Minnesota State Univesity Art Museum   “Body Art “, USA
2008 Exposition of Sculptures in the City of Ettlingen/Germany,Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe
2010 Exposition of Sculptures,European Cultural Days,Palace Garden Karlsruhe/ Germany
2012 Reunion, Institut of Fine Art, PH Freiburg
Curated Projects
2002 Day of Peace, Trilogy of Religions,Univesity Karlsruhe (House of Students)
2006-07 KunstUnternehmen (ArtEnterprise), Exposition of Skulptures
2004 Kimmelmannschule(School)Pupils of the Special School develope and build
fine art for their school
2007-10 KunstUnternehmen (ArtEnterprise), Beeline Karlsruhe-Budapest/Hungary
European Cultural Days,Exposition of Sculptures, Palace Garden Karlsruhe
2010 Expo Shanghai, Presentation of KunstUnternehmen